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Discover SafeBath

Imagine, no more stepping over slippery tub ledges. No more balancing on one leg with nothing to hold onto. Just take a safe step into your own personal SafeBath experience. Use the grab bars and tall, sturdy tub walls to gently position yourself on the comfortable, raised seat. The controls are at arms level allowing for an easy, safe experience. Your walk-in tub lets you enjoy a full body soak as in a natural hot spring or regular hot tub. The in-line water heater maintains your warm and cozy water temperature for as long as you want to soak.

Why SafeBath?

Millions of Americans with mobility concerns know that simply taking a bath can be a hazardous experience. The solution a SafeBath Walk-In Tub. Now you can feel safe and feel better with every bath.


Enjoy a SafeBath at home

Home is a place where you should be able to relax, feel secure and safe. It should be a place where you can age gracefully and maintain your independence with the peace of mind that your bathroom will not become an obstacle to that freedom.


Introducing HurryDrain

American Tubs’ patented 2” Hurry Drain® system separates its’ walk- in tubs from the competition with the proven ability to drain the tub in 75 seconds with adequate plumbing.

Learn More About SafeBath Company

Safe & Easy

As we age things that were once simple, like bathing, can become difficult. SafeBath helps make it EASY again.


Age In Place

No one wants to ask for help to bathe and you don’t have to! Stay in your home longer with SafeBath.


Made in USA

Experience comfort and independence with SafeBath walk-in bathtubs. Custom made in Southern California.